As a difficult access specialist, we get to push ourselves on a frequent basis with customers requiring commercial and industrial cleaning completed in challenging locations.

Sometimes it is high risk confined space that requires rope access technicians.  Other times, it is at height working on devegetation cleaning for a railway bridge.  And then there are times when our access platforms get called into action and literally reach over to the area that needs cleaned.

And that is exactly what happened this month when we conducted DOFF Steam Cleaning on a building exterior render.

Our access platforms had to access the wall of the clients building while right next door, there was a construction site meaning that space was very tight.

Our Mobile Access Platform offers the ideal solution for cleaning facades and external building points. The telescopic platform can reach a maximum height of 23 metres or extend outwards up to 13 metres to provide our cleaning, roofing and building maintenance contractors safe access to conduct necessary repairs, cleaning and maintenance work.

Whether conducting stonework repairs, render cleaning, gutter cleaning, window cleaning or replacing cladding panels, our roadside access platform gives us yet another means to reach difficult access points safely and quickly.

What is DOFF Steam Cleaning

Doff Steam Cleaning is a stone cleaning system that uses super heated steam with temperatures reaching up to 150ºC. Controlled with a variable nozzle pressure, it can remove carbon staining, paint and biological matter from stonework without damaging the substrate.

Doff Steam Cleaning is a modern marvel in cleaning technology. As part of a Softwashing process, it is safer to us on delicate sandstone unlike pressure washing as it does not use brute force to clean surfaces. It achieves far better results without damaging the material beneath. There are NO chemicals used in DOFF Cleaning and in comparison to pressure washing, uses very little water, making it better for the environment.

We use DOFF Steam Cleaning for so many things. From the removal of heavy oil based paints at train stations to the safe cleaning of stonework and masonry of commercial building like in this project. Because the actual pressure of the steam coming out of the nozzle is so gentle and controlled, it is the ideal cleaning tool on delicate sandstone buildings and other stonework. And because so little water is used, the stonework is not saturated and will dry in minutes. Ideal for the cleaning of brickwork where pressure washing would saturate the brick. A vital benefit in Scotland where freezing and unfreezing conditions can cause water trapped in stonework to cause it to decay.

DOFF Steam Cleaning can be used both outdoors AND indoors on stone, brick and concrete. It meets the highest heritage standards for masonry cleaning and, combined with out use of TORC and Dry Ice Cleaning, we have become the preferred choice of many heritage buildings for building restoration and cleaning services.

As difficult access specialists, we are able to offer our customers the very best in inspection, repair and cleaningg solutions.  From commercial grade aerial and underwater drones to specialist rope access teams and the very latest in aerial platform solutions, we are perfectly placed to provide essential inspection services for scheduled and emergency inspection services across the country.

Based in Glasgow and covering Scotland and the North of England, we can provide the complete ‘Inspect / Repair / Clean’  range of services for residential, commercial and industrial clients across the country.  To find out more, please contact us.