Fast and cost effective aerial drone surveys for building inspections using thermal imaging and HD photography.

Building Inspection Services were once a time consuming and costly process that required a team of ‘At Height’ specialists rope access personnel and scaffolding construction costs.

Those days are now over thanks to the advancement of modern commercial drone surveys that we can use for drone surveys of building structures.

What can a drone survey spot in a building inspection?

At Balmore, we have grown to become one of Scotland’s leading aerial drone service providers. With numerous awards for our services, using Balmore Inspection Services to conduct your building inspection and thermal imaging scans of a building can highlight many issues that the naked eye simply cannot see.

We can conduct building inspections late at night (or early morning) to ensure temperature difference is greatest.

Whilst the use of UAV drones my seem like science fiction, the commercial applications for modern commercial drones has seen them grow in popularity from a niche specialty into a full blown alternative to conventional methods that offer key benefits including reduced operating costsfaster timescalesincreased safety and overall results.

When it comes to conventional building inspection, there are so many things that this inferior method of inspection can miss. From gaps in roofing insulation caused by storm damage to leaking pipes and cracks in the building structure causing and unseen build up of damp. All of these issues were commonly missed by conventional methods but through drone surveys, we can now spot them more accurately.

Our commercial drones, equipped with state of the art thermal imaging technology can locate these issues, capture them in digital format and create digital reports on the issues which can be assessed by experts ranging from architects to surveyors, builders to roofers and structural engineers, damp specialists etc.

Are drone survey services for building inspection more expensive than traditional building inspection?

Using aerial drones for building inspection can provide REAL cost savings over tradition inspection methods. With UAV drone inspection services, you get a faster inspection time, conducted at a reduced cost and with more detailed reporting that can be readily archived for future comparisons. All without the added cost of scaffolding and ‘at height’ inspection teams.

Choosing Balmore Inspection Services

When you work with Balmore, you are hiring an award winning drone survey company and one of the leading UAV drone inspection firms in the UK. We have built our drone inspection business by offering a quality survey and inspection service for clients in the oil & gas, infrastructure, utilities and renewables sectors, with great success.

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