Award Winning Drone Survey Services across Scotland & North England

It is a fast moving world. Safety, cost analysis and quality of service are all part of a delicate balancing act for businesses that need fast, reliable and cost effective inspection and survey work completed on vital business assets throughout the year.

The fast paced development of aerial drone surveys are changing the very way that visual inspection services are conducted by companies in the Energy, Infrastructure, Utilities and Transportation Sectors.

At Balmore, we are an award winning drone survey provider based in Glasgow. We provide aerial drone surveys across Scotland and the North of England. With a fleet of commercial grade drones equipped to handle the various inspection needs of our clients. We offer drone inspection services that are faster than conventional methods, offer a more detailed and complete report, are safer and comes with the added benefit of REAL costs savings. From conducting aerial inspections of oil platforms to industrial roofing systems, generating 3d models of structures for Architectural firms to wind turbine blade damage, we can provide tailored drone surveys for your specific needs.