Whilst aerial drone use is not a new phenomenon for the likes of topographical surveys and 3D mapping; the use of drones in agriculture is still a relatively new one.

Businesses in the agriculture sector are always looking for new ways to increase product output and as with so many industries, aerial drone surveys can help with just that.

Drone surveys can help farmers to map their land, inspect crops, increase yields and even spray pesticides. By using a drone survey for your agricultural plots, we can help give you a more accurate picture of how your crops are doing and where improvements can be made.

Crop Health & Stress Analysis

Drone surveys used for crop health and stress analysis can help farmers to both improve crop health and durability while increasing their yields. Our drone surveys can help you to identify stress points early so that you can resolve any developing issues quickly while the real time nature of our drone surveys means that you get the most accurate, up to date information on how to best manage your crops.

Irrigation Monitoring

In Scotland, it rains – a lot! Which means ensuring proper irrigation for your crops is essential. By monitoring soil temperatures, drones can help you to decide on how much irrigation is required and when. This forward planning can help you to save time and money in the long run.

Field Boundaries

Being able to accurately plan where crops will be planted and how much land they will need is crucial for the growing demands of farmers in the UK. Using 2D and 3D land surveys, our drone surveys can provide the relevant information for you to know where crop placement should take place, what irrigation is required and help to reduce wastage.

Crop Counting

The health of your crops is of paramount importance. Our drone surveys offer a fast and efficient method of inspecting farming fields. Our drone sensors can detect plant emergence earlier than traditional methods meaning you can plan your schedule more effectively.

Vegetation Index

Drone surveys and mapping can measure the amount of green vegetation present and through this, determine how healthy a plot of lands crops are.

Field Soil Analysis

Drone surveys can give you an aerial view of your land so that you can see moisture levels, crop health and so much more. Using the data collected by a drone survey, you will be able to improve your yield while doing so in a far more sustainable way.

Thermal Imaging

The uses of thermal imaging in agriculture are vast. And with this new and cost effective method of aerial inspection and survey, drones are changing the way that the agriculture industry operates.

What can thermal imaging aerial drones be used for in agriculture?

Germinating seeds, irrigation levels, disease detection, yield estimates and even the ripeness of fruit are all detectable with thermal imaging cameras and UAV drones.

The valuable data that we can gather from thermal imaging can increase the productivity of a UK farm whilst offering a significant return on investment.

As one of Scotland’s leading UAV drone operators, we have built our reputation by continually delivering in the oil & gas, renewables, infrastructure and utilities sectors. And now in the Scottish & North England agriculture sector, we are able to offer a significant step forward for our clients who want an aerial inspection and survey service that is delivered with real results and REAL cost savings.

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