Difficult Access Air Duct Cleaning for over 30 years.

The build up of dust, grease and skin particles can built up in air ducts and ventilation shafts and can become a serious fire risk. It is for this primary reason that air ducts need to be cleaned on a scheduled basis.

At Balmore, we are a difficult access cleaning specialist and have been for over 30 years.

From our headquarters in Glasgow, we cover all of Scotland and the North of England, offering deep clean services for commercial and industrial business property and similar buildings that require the use of air ducts for ventilation.

The build up of grease (more commonly found in Kitchen Ventilation and Air Duct Systems) in air ducts can become like glue to dust particles. And no matter how thorough a clean your office building receives, there will always be dust particle build up in air duct systems. The dust particles clump together thanks to grease and fats which over time build up.

This can create two main problems. Firstly, it can create a fire risk. And secondly it can aid the spreading of Sick Building Syndrome.

This is why, by law, these premises and their air duct systems must be cleaned on a scheduled basis. How regularly can depend on the use of the building and even what your building insurance provider stipulates.

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At Balmore, our ventilation and air duct cleaning services go beyond the conventional bucket and sponge. We can offer a deep clean of your air duct system using some of the most advanced cleaning technology available. From Dry Ice Blasting Cleaning to TORC Cleaning, we have the tools to clean your air duct system effectively and efficiently.

For quotations on your air duct cleaning, please contact our Glasgow head office.