For commercial business, Pigeons and Sea Gulls can pose a significant problem.

At Balmore, we can provide a full range of bird deterrent and pest control solutions to help reduce this activity and help to relocate the issue.

One of these methods in Bird spike fitting.  Bird Spikes are renowned for their versatility, longevity and ease of installation on a range of surfaces.  Bird spikes are relatively quick to install and will generate immediate results.  Most commonly installed on building sides and window edges, they are almost invisible from a distance and are an ideal solution to protect both the building and its aesthetics from the onslaught of faeces that can build up when birds are allowed to roost without control.

Another location that Bird Spikes can be used is on lamp posts, flat surfaces of any description, gutters, louvers, roofs, pipes, statues, cabling, awnings, aerials, chimneys, eaves, architectural features of virtually any description, glass canopies, I-beams, air conditioning housings, railings, flat roofs, boats, shop signs and even trees – the range of applications for the product is endless.

Bird Spikes may sound inhumane however they are highly recommended and safe to use.  This coming from the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) and the Pigeon Control Advisory Service (PiCAS International).

Do Bird Spikes harm the creatures?

While Bird Spikes may appear to cause harm to birds, the chance of a bird injuring itself is virtually zero. It is virtually unheard of for a pigeon to harm itself on anti-roosting spikes and therefore the product can be used with a clear conscience by property owners.

We are an approved and certified pest control service.  Based in Glasgow and covering the West of Scotland, we can fit a full range of anti bird deterrent devices to ensure that your commercial property is bird free for the future.