Anti Graffiti Solutions are the best way to minimise graffiti vandalism.

Graffiti vandalism is unsightly, offensive and abusive. Anti Graffiti Protective Coatings can minimise graffiti vandalism thanks to specially formulated paint coatings that create a surface resistant finish for paint and solvent chemicals. When properly applied to a surface, this paint treatment can provide a powerful anti graffiti solution.

Where can anti graffiti solutions be used?

Our anti graffiti paint solutions can be used anywhere that is prone to graffiti vandalism. Graffiti is a problem in all areas of modern city living and is frequently spotted on disused buildings, public transport infrastructure, recreational areas, garage doors and other areas that provide vandals with some level of visual protection while they carry out their vandalism with large murals, offensive slogans, tags or images.

Our Anti Graffiti Solutions are commonly used by transport authorities, local councils, leisure centres, shopping centres and public buildings.

Selecting the right anti graffiti solution for you

There are two types of anti graffiti paint coatings that can be considered for use. Which one to choose depends on the frequency and likelihood that your property will be targeted by graffiti vandalism on a repeat basis.

Option 1 – Permanent Anti Graffiti Coatings

This option is recommended for locations that are likely to experience graffiti vandalism on a frequent basis. Permanent Anti Graffiti Paint Coatings form a water repellent surface that prevents graffiti spray paint, marker pens and other paint or solvent chemicals from adhering to the surface. This type of solution is used in high risk locations that frequently see graffiti vandalism occur.

Option 2 – One Off Protective Coatings

This is a silicone wax solution that washes off along with graffiti paint. It forms a protective layer over a surface which graffiti paint can adhere to but prevents the vandalism from reaching the main surface ie. building brick work. This type of coating provides one-off protection against graffiti vandalism and needs to be reapplied after graffiti has been removed. This type of solution is commonly used in low risk locations where graffiti vandalism is less common.

What surfaces can Anti Graffiti Solutions be used on?

Anti Graffiti Solutions can be used on multiple surfaces and building materials. Anti Graffiti Coatings are available in coloured, transparent and opaque variations and can be used on:

Does Anti Graffiti Paint Work?

Yes. Permanent Anti Graffiti Coatings are the ideal way to deter graffiti vandalism from high risk areas and can be easily washed off with a pressure washer system. This means that any vandalism can be removed incredibly quickly.

Cleaning graffiti on surfaces that don’t have a protective solution

If you have suffered from graffiti vandalism and do not currently have a anti graffiti paint solutions applied, do not worry. Whether the graffiti is located on delicate sandstone, modern brick, steel, concrete, tile or similar, we can provide a fully professional, cost effective graffiti removal service. To remove graffiti vandalism, we use DOFF Steam Cleaning Technology. This modern day marvel uses superheated steam to gently remove the graffiti paint without damaging the underlying surface. You can read more about DOFF Steam Cleaning here >>>.

As one of the UK’s leading difficult access cleaning specialists, there is no area that is out of reach for our specialist cleaning team. It means that whether the graffiti is on ground level or several stories high, we can access it and we will clean it.