When it comes to marketing, a picture can tell a thousand words.

Which is why before, during and after photography and video for events and construction projects are such an invaluable marketing tool.

At Balmore, we can provide the complete photography and video service to provide you with before, during and after media that can be used for print and web marketing solutions.

Our drones can fly along pre-programmed flight paths and then fly the exact same flight path at a later date using GPS tracking so that you can have identical shots of your capital assets development as the construction process continues.

The advantages of before, during and after photography and video

By using aerial drones, you can provide investors and potential customers with the most transparent view of a site in high quality imaging. Before, during and after media has proven to hold peoples attention up to 60% longer than standard photos. Before, during & after media can demonstrate the complete transformation from land to construction site to finished building and with the use of drones, can be taken from angles that are simply impossible any other way.

Our drones services have been used by many sectors across the UK who have come to rely on drones for both inspection work as well as for marketing media material. In fact, our drones services have often been utilised for both by the same customers. We have conducted visual inspection work of a hotel roof and building structure while also providing aerial drone photography of the hotel that can then be used for their own website and social media marketing.

From aerial drone surveys and site photography to ROV underwater inspection conducted in fresh water and salt water environments. Our fleet of aerial drones can provide outdoor external inspection as well as confined spaces inspection conducted in the darkest and most difficult to access confined spaces that are too dangerous for a conventional inspection team to enter.

We are an award winning drone survey company providing drone inspection services across a large number of business sectors on both land and sea. We provide a comprehensive visual inspection service that is safer, quicker, more detailed and accurate than traditional methods. And all while being significantly cheaper than other methods with REAL cost savings.

Find out more

To find out more about our drone inspection work and the benefits of before, during and after photography, please contact our Glasgow head office today.

The benefits of using drones for inspection work are well known and as technology advances, our drones are able to fly further, for longer with even more detailed imagery, video and thermal imaging. We are happy to arrange visual demonstrations of our drones in action and can supply case studies relevant to your business sector when requested.