Complete Commercial and Residential Bin Store Room Cleaning Service to remove unpleasant odours, bacteria and pest infestations that can be commonly found in these areas.

Commercial Bin Storage Locations

Whether it is an office building, retail stores or restaurants that communally share a bin storage area, these areas are poorly left after and frequently spilt rubbish, food waste and other material can be left four hours, if not days without being cleaned up. This makes the perfect breeding ground for biohazards and a home for rodents such as Mice and Rats as well as the likes of cockroaches which bring with them more risk of disease.

At Balmore we can provide scheduled cleaning and disinfection of bins, bin storage areas and rooms in the surrounding area that have been affected. Regular cleaning of these locations can reduce the chances of biohazard contamination and the spread of diseases.

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Residential Bin Cleaning Locations

In tenement flats, modern shared accommodation and other similar living environments, shared bin store rooms can often be the victim of poor cleaning, poor ventilation and damp build up. This perfect recipe can lead to mould, bacteria forming and foul smells which can flow into the rest of the residential building. We can provide one off or scheduled bin store room cleaning services to eliminate odours, remove the risk of biohazard diseases spreading and keep your bin store rooms clean.

Wheelie Bin Cleaning

If you have a wheelie bin that is used for food waste, then you are responsible for the cleaning and maintenance of the wheelie bin. However during hot summer months, bin collection dates can mean that food left in the bin for weeks can become the perfect breeding ground for maggots and flies. Regular cleaning of your wheelie bin can help to reduce the chances of any bacteria build up, reduce the source of bad smells and decrease the risk of pests like rats being attracted to the area.

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