Providing a comprehensive boundary survey using commercial grade aerial drone surveys.

At Balmore, we can use drone surveys and aerial inspection to capture property and land positioning to give you an accurate representation of property lines. Drone surveys can take into account the topography of the land including any existing structures to create a comprehensive map of your land that will be accurate down to the last fence post.

Using RTK and GIS to map land boundaries, our team of full time drone inspection pilots can complete an accurate boundary survey for your needs throughout the year. We understand how important accurate data can be when it comes to marking boundaries which is why we continually re-invest in our equipment and team to offer our customers the very best in service. Every boundary survey is unique but with drone surveys, we can gather the necessary data quickly and efficiently. Whether you are looking to purchase new land or are seeking support with upcoming boundary disputes, we are here to help.

We are fully accredited by ARPAS-UK, and our drone inspection pilots all have their commercial PFAW pilots licence, fully approved by the CAA. This allows us to conduct our drone surveys both in the air and underwater to the highest of standards while following strict rules and regulations governing drone flights in public spaces.

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Switching to visual inspection using commercial drone surveys can save your business money whilst offering an improved inspection service that is also faster and more reliable. The benefits of using drones for inspection work are well known and as technology advances, our drones are able to fly further, for longer with even more detailed imagery, video and thermal imaging. We are happy to arrange visual demonstrations of our drones in action and can supply case studies relevant to your business sector when requested.