Corrosion protecting paint on bridges is a necessary requirement in the protection of the bridges structural capacity. But the removal of bridge paint (specifically lead paint) has environmental concerns including containment and disposal.

At Balmore, we are one of the leading difficult access cleaning specialists in the UK. We can provide bridge paint removal services using DOFF Steam Cleaning and Dry Ice Cleaning with each cleaning method offering specific advantages based on the type of toxic paint requiring removal.

Why does paint need to be removed from bridges?

Steel bridges across the country are generally painted using a paint that has lead compounds. This is a necessary solution to prevent bridge corrosion and deterioration to protect the bridges structure from the natural elements.

Before new protective paint can be applied, the original paint has to be removed. This has to be done in an environmentally friendly and contained way. That is why we offer both DOFF and Dry Ice Cleaning.

What is Dry Ice Blast Cleaning?

It is an environmentally friendly form of controlled and precise cleaning that uses frozen carbon dioxide pellets to remove scales and contaminants from the likes of metal to remove corrosion, rust, paint and other forms of staining and contaminants.

This non-waste cleaning method can be used in numerous industries across the UK and because the 3mm carbon dioxide pellets return to a gas state upon impact with the cleaning surface, they leave no residue. This can be an invaluable benefit for some industries both in being able to contain any pollutant excess that is removed from the source material and also in the environments that the system can be used in.

What is DOFF Steam Cleaning?

Doff Steam Cleaning is a stone cleaning system that uses super heated steam with temperatures of up to 150ºC and variable nozzle pressure to remove carbon staining, paint and biological matter from stonework. The superheated steam that comes out of the nozel of the DOFF Steam Cleaner can be used to remove Paint, Chemical Staining & Biological Matter ranging from moss to algae and fungi. An extra advantage of DOFF Steam Cleaning is that it kills of the spores which reduces the chance of the biological matter coming back. AND it requires no chemicals to achieve this.

Rope Access Cleaning

We operate our own in-house Rope Access Team. This allows us to provide bridge cleaning services without the need of expensive scaffolding. We can therefore operate more efficiently, with reduced costs and better results – and all to a faster timetable.

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