For over 30 years we have offered Builders Clean Cleaning Services in building environments, making sure that they are clean and ready to make a great first impression on our building clients customers.

Balmore offers a wide range of Builders Cleaning Services, After Builders Cleans, Sparkle Cleans, Contract Cleans, Pre-Entry and Occupation Cleans.

What is Builders Clean

Builders Clean is a cleaning service provided by Balmore.  It involves coming into a building site towards the end of a build and doing a full sweep clean of the premises so that they look brand new in time for the keys to be handed over to the new occupier.  Most people assume that builders will clean up after them but from concrete dust to muddy boot prints, a building site will always get dirty no matter how careful the building team it.  We provide a cleaning service to sweep and polish the premises to the high standards that are expected.  And with our specialised Difficult Access Cleaning services and DOFF Cleaning Technology, we can guarantee a sparkle in our work.

We help clients of varying sizes

Our builder cleans are typically performed towards the final stages of the building process before the handover to the clients. We have helped clients with various sized facilities across Glasgow ranging from small office spaces to an entire manufacturing facility. Our projects can last for a day or can be phased works lasting for up to a year or more.

Ensuring the best possible first impression

Our cleaners always commit a hundred percent to all their cleaning projects, which means that when the builders, shop fitters and tradesmen have left, they will be ensuring that the first impression of the facility will be the best one possible.

Cleaning without compromising on safety

With our years of experience we are fully aware that building sites continually offer up potential dangers and accidents if not approached with care. Our staff are all familiar with working in these environments and with our health and safety guidelines firmly established our cleaners are fully equipped to approach builders cleans without risking the safety and health of themselves or others.