Drone Surveys in the commercial sector have quickly become the preferable option to traditional methods when it comes to building structure inspection services.

Commercial grade drone surveys are not only safer but they are also faster, more reliable consistent and cost effective with real cost savings to be made over conventional methods involving rope access specialists and scaffolding.

The icing on the cake is that UAV drone surveys can produce far superior survey and inspection results that conventional methods. Aerial drones, equipped with HD video and photography capturing technology can capture high resolution imagery from better vantage points and in more detail than anything that can be captured at ground or roof level. And this footage can be live streamed directly to the professionals so that building inspection and the structural surveys can be conducted more efficiently by those that matter. And if more regular, scheduled inspection is required, we can program our drones to fly on an autonomous flight path mission using GPS tracking. This means that they can follow the same flight path each and every time to provide a date stamped record of your structural inspection. This level of inspection can provide a significant improvement over existing methods and can allow for better monitoring of any structural defects and developing issues.

Our aerial drones can be used in any of the following areas as a viable and powerful replacement to traditional survey methods:

In the building inspection sector, drone surveys are significantly changing the way that we go about daily business.

From insurance companies that can conduct overlay of years of building footage to highlight any changes over time to demolition contractors who can send confined spaces drones into an unsafe building, eliminating the risk to human life.

Indeed, the number of industries that can benefit from the use of aerial drone services is vast. Covering:

Difficult Access Solutions

Drone Surveys can provide fast access to dangerous areas that are either too dangerous to access or too difficult to access by traditional inspection teams. They are faster, more cost effective and provide a superior level of image capturing. You can understand why they are becoming such a popular choice for building structure inspection.

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