Deep Clean, Reactive and Planned Cleaning Contract Work for Bus Stations across Scotland and North England.

With regular foot traffic, sometime 24/7, it can be very difficult for larger buss stations to maintain a rigid cleaning schedule. While bin collection can be easily accomplished, the likes of floor cleaning, biohazard cleaning and deep cleaning of areas such as waiting rooms can be more challenging.

At Balmore, we can provide an outsourced specialist cleaning service for bus stations that is flexible and customised to your needs. We are experts in cleaning ‘live’ areas such as bus terminals and other busy city centre locations with a flexible approach that delivers professional results.

Our Bus Station Cleaning Services begin with an initial safety audit and cleaning assessment from our site manager. This will allow us to determine the best times and access requirements for your cleaning work. All while working around causing the least in disruption to your day to day services.

We can provide:

Pressure Washing

We can use pressure washing on bus station floors to remove chewing gum and dirt deposits.

DOFF Steam Cleaning

We can use DOFF Steam Cleaning and Softwashing to clean floors, walls, ceilings, stairways and more. All without damaging paintwork.

Graffiti Cleaning

If the bus station has been the victim of graffiti vandalism, we can provide cleaning solutions to remove the paintwork. We can even install anti-graffiti solutions to prevent future graffiti vandalism

Pest Control

We can provide pest control solutions including bird spikes, bird netting and other solutions to eliminate the risk of pests in the bus station.

Bin Store Cleaning

Bin Collection and Bin Store Areas can be a horrible, dirty and smelly area if not regularly cleaned. We can provide scheduled cleaning for bin areas and provide pest control solutions.

Biohazard Cleaning

From cleaning Pigeon fouling to human waste and other bodily fluids. We are trained Biohazard Cleaning experts and can provide safe biohazard cleaning in bus stations for planned and reactive cleaning services.

The benefits of bus station cleaning services

Neglect and a lack of regular cleaning can lead to dissatisfied customers and an overall poor bus station experience. Planned Cleaning Contracts with Balmore can help to keep your bus station clean. We will ensure that your bus station is well-maintained and regularly deep cleaned, creating a nicer, cleaner environment for your customers.

If you would like to know more about our bus station cleaning services, the cleaning technology we use and how planned cleaning contracts can benefit your business, please contact our Glasgow Head Office today. We can provide relevant case studies upon request.