Our inspection team were dispatched to Dunoon this week to conduct a Church Steeple Survey.

While Dunoon may not be that far from our head office in Port Glasgow as the crow flies, there is a large area of water between the two points.

Which is why our drone RIB team were dispatched to complete the work. Churches and other historic building made from sandstone, granite etc may look spectacular but they do require regular inspection and maintenance work to be completed. This can range from the state of the stonework to any issues with the roof and even ensuring that the buildings lightning protection system is visually intact.

Using our commercial grade aerial drones, we were able to conduct a visual inspection of the church steeple so that we can assess whether the steeple and roofing structure have any issues.

By using the likes of thermal imaging, we are able to see potential issues that the human eye simply can’t. Our findings are then presented to the client so that they can see, in clearly documented photos, video and thermal imaging what problems there may be.

As one of the leading inspection, repair and cleaning contractors in the country, we are able to visually inspect issues then propose repair and maintenance solutions directly handled by our in house team.  This means less stress for our clients and faster response times to get jobs done.

Through our rope access team and aerial access platform fleet, we are able to provide steeplejack services, roofing services and building maintenance services for customers across Scotland to an incredibly high standard and quality.

Steeplejack Services

Our fully trained, qualified and certified difficult rope access specialist team can access some of the most challenging and hard to reach building locations, roofing areas and similar structures across sites up and down Scotland.  Our reliable steeplejacks are fully committed to safety and quality.

Our steeplejack services covers:

While we were conducting the drone survey, we were able to take pictures of another job we have recently completed in Dunoon.  An over-clad roofing job we completed for a cinema in the Town.