Have ever driven past a house and noticed how clean the stonework looks?

Have you thought about cleaning the outside of your house to make the stonework clean from moss, algae and fungi?

DOFF Steam Cleaning is the answer.

Doff Steam cleaning is probably the safest and easiest way to clean the outside stonework of your home without causing damage to the building.

Pressure washing uses water jetting to blast away what you can see on the surface. DOFF Steam Cleaning uses super heated water steam to completely remove it AND kill off the spores left behind so that your newly cleaned home will stay cleaner and free from moss, fungi and algae for longer.

We are experienced at working at height so whether you live in a one storey bungalow or a three bedroom sandstone house, our team can work at height to clean all four sides of your home. We can even clean the roof to remove any build up of bird fouling.

If your home stonework has begun showing visible signs of calcium deposits, our DOFF Steam Cleaning system can take care of it.

And if you have decided that you want to safely remove the paint on the outside of your home to reveal the original stonework, DOFF Steam Cleaning is the perfect option.

DOFF Steam Cleaning is a powerful yet delicate cleaning tool that is perfect for cleaning stonework, brickwork and a wide range of other materials without damaging the original material.

So if you are thinking of cleaning the stonework of your home then call on Balmore for a professional, reliable service.

About Us

In our three decades of servicing Glasgow, we have constantly re-invested in our staff and our equipment to make sure that we can always provide a first class service using the very best equipment to give you a class leading cleaning service.

If you would like to know more about Balmore or our DOFF Steam Cleaning for cleaning your house exterior walls then call our Glasgow head office on 0141 370 4038