At Balmore Contracting, we know that when it comes to the likes of grafitti removal and other unwanted bio matter from stonework, it isn’t just about removing the stains but making sure that you protect the surface material as well.

Too many cleaning companies will simply use high pressured water to remove unwanted marks and they will insist that it is the only way. We are here to tell you that there IS another way. And that way is with DOFF Steam Cleaning.

Balmore are one of the few cleaning firms in Scotland that has a commercial grade DOFF Steam Cleaning system as part of our cleaning force. We pride ourselves on delivering a superior cleaning service and that means offering a superior cleaning system. Our DOFF Steam Cleaning machine is a top of the range, expertly engineered steam cleaning system ideal for stonework cleaning. Do not confuse it with what you know about steam cleaning, this is not just a puff of vaporised water. It is so much more.

With DOFF Steam Cleaning, we can achieve cleaning temperatures of up to 150 degrees (at the nozzle exit point) to create a super heated water/steam cleaning system. Our Balmore Contracting DOFF Specialist can then vary the temperature and pressure of the steam cleaning system to remove a multitude of different types of paint, biological matter and other unsightly marks.

And because it is just steam, it quickly dries which will help to protect the wall surface material from long term damage trapped moisture which can occur when pressure washing is used.

Where do we cover?

Across Glasgow, Edinburgh and indeed so many Towns and Villages across Scotland, Sandstone buildings are frequently being vandalised with grafitti or being covered in moss and algae thanks to rising damp and water leaks. Sandstone by its nature is a very delicate stone and pressure washing can literally blast it back to its sand grain form. So if you are needing grafitti or biomatter removed from the stonework of your home and are worried about the damage that water jets might do then you need to look at DOFF Steam Cleaning.

With DOFF Steam Cleaning, we can remove moss, algae and fungi along with the original spores for a thorough deep clean. We can use DOFF Steam Cleaning for Commercial Kitchens, Public Toilets, Swimming Pools, Hospitals and similar locations that require sterilising.
We can use DOFF Steam Cleaning for graffiti vandalism paint removal.

In fact with DOFF the potential is nearly limitless.

If you would like to know more about Balmore Contracting and our industrial rope access services, please call our Glasgow head office on 0141 370 4038.