Cockroaches are unfortunately not just found in post apocalyptic Sci Fi movies and if discovered in your property, need to be dealt with quickly.

Cockroaches are carriers of dangerous biohazard diseases including Salmonella, Dysentery and Gastro-enteritis which can present serious health risks to you, your employees and your customers. They can also be the cause of illnesses including food poisoning and set of peoples allergies.

The reason that cockroaches are commonly associated with post apocalyptic disasters is that they are incredibly tough insects that breed rapidly. This makes it very hard to get rid of these pests and prevent biohazard contamination which is why cockroach control should only every be handled by a trained, professional cleaning contractor and heavy duty cleaning and disinfecting solutions as normal ‘over the counter’ products are simply not powerful enough to deal with all stages of the cockroach lifecycle.

The presence of cockroaches generally goes hand in hand with unclean spaces such as bin collection areas. A cockroach infestation can quickly spread beyond the original starting point which is why fast action is required at the first signs of this pest. There are four commonly found variants of cockroach found in the UK. These are:

Brown Banded Cockroaches

One of the smallest variants of cockroach measuring at around 10mm in length. Brown Banded Cockroaches can, during hooter summer months, actually fly.

American Cockroaches

These are the type of cockroach that you will most commonly have seen on US television though they are also found in the UK, commonly in basements, kitchens and in vegetation areas near to unclean garbage areas.

German Cockroaches

Most likely to be found in bathroom and kitchen environments, German Cockroaches are famous for preferring indoor environments.

Oriental Cockroaches

Feeding on food waste, oriental cockroaches like damp, dark areas which is why they love garbage/waste disposal areas in buildings that are generally unclean and the ideal environment for them.

Why is biohazard cleaning so important?

Across Scotland, so many domestic homeowners and commercial businesses believe that they do not need to call in expert cleaning teams and using over the counter cleaning products will be sufficient for biohazard cleaning. However due to the dangerous viruses and diseases that can be transmitted from these contaminants, it is strongly recommend you use a professional cleaning contractor who are qualified in this type of cleaning. We know what chemicals to use on the right surfaces and more importantly, what chemicals will actually work to break down the contaminants. We work through a complete checklist of on-site locations to properly clean the entire area – this ensures that a biohazard contaminated location is 100% disinfected.

Too often we sadly hear stories of people who have tried to perform this type of biohazard deep clean themselves and through a lack of experience in this type of cleaning, have ‘missed a spot’. This has led to infections being contracted in unclean areas, causing a risk to human life.

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Pests such as cockroaches can easily spread dangerous biohazards and should be dealt with immediately. From our headquarters in Glasgow, we provide one of the most thorough Biohazard Cleaning services in Scotland for one off and scheduled cleaning contracts. With clients ranging from Government bodies to local residents dealing with after death biohazard cleaning our biohazard cleaning services are specially tailored to clean any and all surfaces to eliminate the risk of disease and air born pathogens.

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