Confined spaces are by their very definition some of the most dangerous and difficult to access locations in any industry sector.

Unlock a new dimension of efficiency and safety with our state-of-the-art Confined Spaces Drone Mapping Services. Utilising cutting-edge drone technology to provide accurate and comprehensive mapping solutions for confined spaces, revolutionising the way you approach inspections, assessments, and maintenance.

Dealing with hazards such as asbestos, oxygen levels, biohazards (and other hazardous material), not to mention simply being able to access these locations and manoeuvre makes these confined spaces a high risk area for inspection work to be conducted. Using confined spaces drones fitted with protective crash cages, we can provide drone mapping services for businesses across the UK in sectors as diverse as oil & gas and building construction.

With an incredibly small packaging design at just under 40cm (15.7in), our Elios 2 aerial drone can easily fit into standard manholes, medium to large sized piping, mining shafts and similar spaces where drone mapping and inspections are required.

This advances confined spaces drone design and packaging is controlled through a powerful remote control system that does not require line of sight radio waves, meaning that we can continue to operate the confined spaces indoor drone through walls and other obstacles. The wireless transmission system is the very latest in cutting edge, state of the art control system and allows us fly our confined spaces inspections further than ever before.