One off and scheduled contract work for confined spaces across Scotland and North England.

A confined space can be anything from underground sewer systems to basements, lofts, chimneys, ventilation ducts, silos and service tunnels.

These difficult access environments are often deemed risks because of biohazards, low oxygen levels, high levels of dust and other dangerous hazards. This is why confined spaces access services is a specialist service and should only ever be conducted by a qualified and certified confined space expert.

By its very nature, confined spaces are a lot more difficult to access and are classed as low, medium or high risk access points depending on multiple factors.

We are a reputable and trusted difficult access cleaning specialist that is trained and certified for low, medium and high risk confined spaces using the latest in safety and cleaning tools. In short, we can access everywhere and anywhere and we can clean everything and anything.

Our confined spaces services can handle everything from biohazard cleaning to silo cleaning and so much more in these dangerous access points (dangerous access points include ‘one way in – one way out’ scenarios).

To carry out these types of complicated and dangerous access services, we have a dedicated team or fully trained rope access contractors. We are fully equipped to handle confined spaces work.