A professional emergency trauma and crime scene cleaning service based in Glasgow.

We are Balmore and for over thirty years, we have been leading the way in the full and complete cleaning service. Covering everything from Biohazard Cleaning to Trauma and Crime Scene Cleaning.

With our headquarters in Glasgow, we cover all of Scotland and the North of England. Our team of full time professional cleaners are fully trained, qualified and certified in crime scene cleaning procedures and we are fully equipped with the latest in deep clean equipment including DOFF Steam Cleaning, TORC Cleaning and Dry Ice Blasting.

Our full range of cleaning services is enhanced by our ‘Difficult Access’ Team including Rope Access Team and Confined Spaces Team. We can work on any Low, Medium or High Risk environment and we can even use an indoor/confined spaces drone to ‘scout’ a location before sending out confined spaces team in.

Biohazards should never be dealt with by an untrained person. In the event of a crime scene death, Biohazards need to be dealt with carefully and thoroughly to ensure that there is no contamination and risk of disease. Our Crime Scene Cleaning Team will eliminate any health hazards whilst operating under the strict guidelines and legislation that surrounds this type of cleaning service.