Unattended deaths generally happen with those who are not socially active which mens that their death can go unnoticed for a long period of time.

The decomposition of a human body is understandably a delicate issue but beyond dealing with the loss of a loved one, there is serious biohazard issues to contend with regarding decomposition cleaning.

Our team of specialised and accredited biohazard cleaning contractors provide decomposition cleaning for customers who are needing effective and deep clean professional solutions to prevent the build up and spread of biohazards caused by the decomposition of remains from suicide, murder or natural deaths.

Our thorough deep clean trauma cleaning work is comprised of a comprehensive list of checks to ensure that we clean deeply in areas that the untrained eye would simply miss.

What is decomposition cleaning?

Decomposition cleaning is the safe removal, sterilisation and deep cleaning of a determined area that has been contaminated with potential biohazards caused by body fluids, blood or other tissue matter that has begun to decompose.

When a person dies, the natural decomposition of the human body begins relatively quickly. With this decomposition comes harmful bacteria and it is this bacteria that is responsible for the foul odour that comes with body decomposition.

What are biohazards

While there are numerous diseases and viruses that can be transmitted by exposure to biohazards, the three main diseases are:

Why can I not deal with biohazard cleaning myself?

While you may think that conventional over the counter cleaning products will suffice in the cleaning of a decomposition site, we simply cannot stress enough the potential biohazard risks that are involved with unattended death and decomposition cleaning.

Do the authorities not take care of unattended death body removal and decomposition leaning?

Unfortunately, in a situation involcing a death, it is not the responsibility of the Emergency Services to to clean up a scene that have been affected due to a traumatic incident or crime scene.

The responsibility for the cleaning of a property is the property owners or premises owner.