Demolition work is not just about taking down an existing structure. Sites listed for demolition can frequently be the home of rats and other pest that need to be dealt with.

Older structures are an ideal location for rodents but when houses are demolished to make way for new construction projects, the surrounding area can see an explosion of rodent activity. Which is why pest control is such an essential part of a demolition project.

Clearing a site before demolition

Clearing a site before demolition commences is essential to ensure that the population of rats, mice, squirrel and other rodents do not simply relocate to the surrounding neighbourhood. Pests, whether they be squirrels in the attic, mice in the basement or wasp nests pretty much anywhere else have to be dealt with in an efficient manner that causes you the least amount of disruption whilst giving maximum results.  We provide effective and humane pest control services for demolition sites as an advanced service that clears out the area before demolition work begins. As difficult access specialists, we are able to cover a complete historic building site to clear out any and all pests.

Pest Control on a Building Site

After demolition work has been completed and construction work begins, site offices, food trucks, toilet blocks and other temporary construction site structures can offer rats the ideal nesting spots. Timber stacks and other construction material can form ideal harbourage points for rats if proper pest control has not been tackled during the demolition phase. In fact, with the increase of building construction workers comes food littering which provides an ideal new food source for the rats.

Why is this important?

Rats can damage new pipework causing flooding, they can gnaw through new electrical cabling that has been fitted and they can block drains in new sewage systems. They also bring with them a serious health hazard. Biohazard diseases are no joke and rats are synonymous with carrying diseases such as Leptospirosis (Weil’s disease).

Biohazard Cleaning

We are a specialist access deep clean service specialising in Low, Medium and High Risk Biohazard Cleaning.

Our reputation has been built on our rigorous attention to detail and our comprehensive service plan that covers difficult access and confined spaces cleaning; something that a lot of our competitors simply cannot offer.

Our deep clean biohazard team are fully trained and certified in the complete range of biohazard cleaning solutions, equipment and procedures that are required to perform the job effectively and safely.

Pest Control Services

Whether it is fitting pest control measures such as bird netting and spikes or dealing with all kind of pest infestations – MiceRatsBirdsSquirrelsBedbugsFleasWaspsAntsMothsBeetles and many more. We carry out our works in – Student Accommodation, Schools, Restaurants, Commercial Facilities, Golf Clubs, Shops, Pubs & Rural Areas. We are a member of the BPCA and proud to provide an efficient, professional and discreet service at a competitive price.

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