Skilled dismantling and asset recovery services as part of our range of demolition services across Scotland.

Dismantling services are commonly confused with demolition and while the end result is the clearance of a site, dismantling is a reversal of the construction process that first erected a building structure. Dismantling allows for the recovery of assets and for sections of a building that are being taken down to be recycled, re-used or sold. Frequently, dismantling and demolition work alongside each other as a building structure is first stripped of items/components/assets as part of a dismantling process before demolition of the rest of the structure begins.

Typical assets that can be dismantled include Structural Steel Framing Beams, Lead Work and Storage Tanks/Silos.

As one of the leading difficult access contractors in the UK, our experience of working in both high risk access locations and within close proximity to existing working environments means that we can offer a class leading performance for our clients who are looking for dismantling services as part of a site clearance project.