DJI Drones are one of the leading manufacturer of aerial drones that we ourselves at Balmore use for our aerial inspection work.

DJI Drones for Commercial Drone Surveys

But who are DJI and what is the history of this brand?

Known globally as DJI, it is actually an abbreviated trading name for Da-Jiang Innovations. A Chinese technology company who’s headquarters are in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. They manufacture a range of commercial UAV drones that offer a great range of capabilities and inspection options which is one of the reasons we use them.

They also manufacture camera gimbals, action cameras, stabilisers, flight platforms and flight control systems.

Commercial Grade DJI Drones

Founded in 2006, DJI are the leading drone manufacturer for commercial and military use. There drones are even being used more frequently by Police forces as more and more sectors of life embrace the advantages of aerial drones.

While the business was founded in 2006, it was not until 2010 and a new marketing strategy to target hobbyists that DJI really began to build momentum. By 2015 DJI was the largest consumer drone company in the world with an unparalleled commitment to R&D, innovation and pushing the boundaries of what is possible with aerial drones.

With offices in the US, Germany, The Netherlands, Japan, South Korea, Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong, it is easy to understand why DJI, with a global market share of around 70% is the leading manufacturer of UAV for both hobbyists and commercial drone operators like ourselves.