Steam Cleaning Stonework with DOFF

With sandstone buildings across Glasgow and Edinburgh, the build up of pollution staining, dampness from a leaking roof and the general dirt and grime associated with City Centre locations means that buildings made from sandstone can over time become very dirty.

While this can be visibly unpleasant to look at, the more dirty that forms, the more will build up thereafter. And when enough dirt forms, plant life can soon follow and that is when roots can create cracks in the sandstone which, thanks to the constant variation in winter temperatures in Glasgow, can cause ice to make these cracks bigger. And before long, that dirty building has gone from a light coating of dirt and grim to needing significant stonework repairs.

As part of our building maintenance services, we can conduct a complete DOFF Steam Cleaning service on delicate sandstone buildings in Glasgow. Because sandstone is such a soft and permeable stonework material, pressure washing and jet blasting will literally blast away the stonework and should NEVER be used on sandstone.

Instead, DOFF Steam Cleaning with its super heated steam can delicately protect the sandstone while removing traffic pollution, bio matter staining (such as moss and algae) and remove graffiti paintwork with ease.

DOFF Steam Cleaning has become a service high in demand by our commercial customers across Glasgow who want to clean the exterior of their building in order to portray a better overall appearance. The fact that it helps towards building maintenance and protecting the stonework is an added bonus.

If you would like to enquire about DOFF Steam Cleaning your sandstone building, please contact our Glasgow head office today.