Architecture Firms across Scotland are turning to drone inspection as a new way of conducting topographical surveys, 3D modelling, asset inspection and even progress monitoring.

The use of aerial drones to conduct visual inspections has advantages from beginning to end with drones providing significant benefits over traditional methods of inspection and survey including:

Drone survey and inspection services that are of benefit for Architects include:

Topographical Surveys

A topographical survey is an accurate type of survey that gathers data about the elevation of land at key points of a site (property, area of land, defined boundaries etc). It is a vital service for Architects as they plan out new building projects.


Used to create an aerial map of the site which can be used to create visual placements and layout models of the new building and structures. Orthomosaics can help Architects to understand the site layout and surrounding area/structures.

3D Modelling

Our drone surveys can capture specific areas of interest for our customers using HD camera capturing technology which is then processed to produce a final 3D modelling solution. 3D Modelling is a great way for Architects to visualise an area that includes depth/insights. Our 3D Modelling can be imported into BIM and CAD Software Packages. Ideally for Architects and Engineering Firms.

Asset Inspection

Asset inspection can be used as a method of quality control and final sign off for Architects and provides the ideal solution for difficult access areas.

Progress Monitoring Reports

A lot of large scale architectural projects can take years to complete. From initial drawings to site surveys, construction work. All the way up to project completion. Drone inspection services can provide the best way for architects to regularly monitor and track the progress of a construction project. These reports can be used to help track a projects progress and best manage resources to help keep the project on schedule.

Final marketing

Aerial video footage of a new building from multiple angles can help with marketing a building in print based brochures and online websites. A fly by aerial drone video is a powerful way of being able to market a new building in all its stunning glory. It can also create a great portfolio piece for architects to use in their own businesses marketing material.

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If you would like to know more about the benefits of using aerial drone services for Architectural work, please contact us today. We can happily answer any and all questions you may have about aerial drone work and we can arrange a visual demonstration to show you the many advantages our drones have over traditional methods.