It’s a smelly job but somebody has to do it. And thankfully, that somebody is actually a something. We are of course talking about our indoor drones.

Sewer inspection is an important part of the maintenance cycle of sewer systems across Scotland. When they are working, sewers are a magnificent system for carrying away waste water. However when problems arise, they can quickly escalate. Which is why regular maintenance and inspection of sewer systems is so vital.

What does a drone inspection look for?

Drones are used to collect visual data that helps engineers to better understand the condition of a pipe or other parts of the waste water infrastructure. This can either be to inspect a newly developed fault before a repair team is sent in or as part of scheduled maintenance and inspection work where engineers can safely see the internal condition of pipes without having to put human life at risk.

Why inspection is so critical

In a city like Glasgow, the sewer system is an old and aging system that is slowly beginning to fall apart. As part of the successful maintenance of these sewer systems, regular inspection is required to stay on top of the developing deterioration of old sewer systems.

City sewers are much bigger and complex that the drainage system you have at home and a problem with a sewer system is not confined to just your homes wastewater. A problem with the sewer system of a City area means that hundreds of toilets, kitchen sinks and drains are all becoming blocked up.

How drones help with inspection work

Drones can provide a faster inspection service than conventional inspection teams. A drone can quickly travel a length of sewer pipe capturing HD video, photography and thermal imaging.

They are also a lot safer as a drone used to conduct an inspection means a human life is not being put at risk.

The cost savings of using a drone are another benefit. Rather than having the cost of a difficult access inspection team with all the equipment, safety protocols and even insurance needs, a remote controlled drone can cut the cost of inspections considerably.

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From our head office in Glasgow, we have become one of the leading inspection firms for the infrastructure industry. Armed with our fleet of advanced commercial grade aerial drones, we are able to provide comprehensive inspections, reports, video and photography services for businesses in the infrastructure sector across the UK.  From inspections of building structures to railway lines, bridges, viaducts and more.  The potential is near endless.