What is the difference between a drone operator and a drone pilot?

A drone operator is any person, organisation or business that operates or rents an aerial drone. In that sense, Balmore are a drone operator specialising in commercial drone services.

A drone pilot is the actual person flying the drone. This is not the person who owns the drone, rather the one who is piloting the UAV.

You can be both a drone operator and a drone pilot but within the two, there are some differences in responsibility.

Drone Operators must:

Ensure that they have the correct insurance to operate drones in the UK. This also applies for any registration of drones that will be used in open category inspection work. By registering, drone operators are given a unique ID number.

Drone Pilots must:

Check that the drones are insured before conducting any aerial drone inspection work.

Complete required training and pilot exams

Balmore Drone Survey Services

From aerial drone surveys to ROV underwater inspection conducted in fresh water and salt water environments. Our fleet of aerial drones can provide outdoor external inspection as well as confined spaces inspection conducted in the darkest and most difficult to access confined spaces that are too dangerous for a conventional inspection team to enter.

We are Balmore, an award winning drone operator conducting drone inspection services across a large number of business sectors on both land and sea. We provide a comprehensive visual inspection service that is safer, quicker, more detailed and accurate than traditional methods. And all while being significantly cheaper than other methods with REAL cost savings.

We are fully accredited by ARPAS-UK, and our drone inspection pilots all have their commercial PFAW pilots licence, fully approved by the CAA. This allows us, as a drone operator to conduct our drone surveys both in the air and underwater to the highest of standards while following strict rules and regulations governing drone flights in public spaces.

Switching to visual inspection using commercial drone surveys can save your business money whilst offering an improved inspection service that is also faster and more reliable. The benefits of using drones for inspection work are well known and as technology advances, our drones are able to fly further, for longer with even more detailed imagery, video and thermal imaging. We are happy to arrange visual demonstrations of our drones in action and can supply case studies relevant to your business sector when requested.