Whether it is residential, commercial or industrial properties; insurance claims inspections are a necessary requirement to make accurate claims that protect insurers from potential fraud claims and give claimants evidence as to the true account of what damage and repairs are required.

Drone inspections for insurance claims provides an efficient, detailed and cost-effective method of visual inspection to assess a sites insurance claim. Drone inspections can capture images, video and thermal imaging data of key points of interest that can then be used for claims and underwriting.

The benefits to claimants

A drone inspection of a roof structure can provide a fast, cost effective solution to providing key information when compiling an insurance claim for damage. An aerial roof inspection conducted by one of our trained and qualified drone pilots can capture imagery and other necessary visual data that can be used to claim for insurance damage costs.

The benefits to insurers

Drones provide the ideal solution for fast, detailed inspections of roofing and building structures that would otherwise be too costly or dangerous to access. The data captured through a drone flight can be archived for future use and shared easily with multiple sources for fast action results. A drone roof inspection using high definition aerial imagery can identify a roofs condition, the safety of a building structure or chimney stack status. This can all be used to determine whether a roofing insurance claim requires a repair job or full roofing replacement.

Drones can then be used to assess the surrounding neighbourhoods to help determine property risks in that area. This can be invaluable for areas that are in flood risk postcode locations.

The insurance industry is one filled with risks. Drone inspections can bring real benefits for both claimants and insurance firms looking for accurate data to provide realistic results.

Find out more

At Balmore, we provide award winning drone survey and inspection services across Scotland and the North of England. Our team of fully qualified drone pilots can provide visual indoor, outdoor and underwater drone surveys with HD video, thermal imaging and photography media.

We are an industry leader in not just unmanned survey and inspections but also in providing life asset maintenance services from initial inspection, repair and specialist cleaning of high-value assets. Operating in various sectors including Energy, Utilities, Infrastructure and Commercial Business on land, sea and in the air.

At Balmore, we offer the expertise of four decades in difficult access works including roofingrope accessindustrial cleaning and drone inspection services. Our one stop shop approach to inspection, repair and cleaning has grown through our desire to constantly exceed our clients expectations and offer a service that is far superior to our competitors.

To find out more about our range of services and to arrange for a visual demonstration of our drone inspection services, please contact our Glasgow head office today.