ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) and Drone Survey and Inspection Service Benefits

As one of the leading drone inspection and survey service providers in Scotland and the North of England, we provide our customers with vital visual inspection data, 3D modelling and thermal imaging data that can be used for so many end uses ranging from the safety of building structures to monitoring corrosion on an oil platform; even the aerial inspection of fields for agricultural farming.

As more and more companies and consumers in the UK us ESG credentials as a way of making informed decisions, they are favouring businesses that have a robust ESG framework. As businesses adopt more and more technology into their company to protect their staff, the environment and ensure they are compliant with the latest government restrictions, drones are providing a new avenue for them to see real benefits in addressing key ESG goals.

At Balmore, we provide a fleet of commercial drones idea for use in land, sea and confined spaces. All of which can present opportunities for businesses to take steps closer to achieving their ESG targets.


Our drone survey work is helping to reduce the number of engineers, technicians and inspection teams from being put in harms way at height, under the sea and in confined spaces. By keeping people safe, drone inspections are proving to be a key beneficial addition to commercial businesses that are needing to address their ESG goals. Drones can capture superior data and inspection results more safely and in far quicker time. All from a safe location that complies with CAA rules.

Environment and Renewables

Our drone inspection services are offering a real alternative to both heavy carbon emitting methods of inspection such as helicopters inspecting powerlines and a faster option for the likes of wind turbine blades over existing rope access methods.

With thousands upon thousands of miles of electricity power lines covering Scotland, the more traditional methods of Power line Inspections and surveys are constantly proving to be both slow and costly in the modern age whilst also being very carbon intensive. We operate a fleet of commercial grade UAV drones fitted with 4K and HD video and photography capturing cameras that can provide a reliable and detailed survey solution whilst offering significant cost savings over traditional methods of power line inspection. All whilst improving employee safety and reducing inspection times.

In the wind energy sector, we provide aerial and underwater drone survey and inspection services for Wind Farms, Wind Turbines and Offshore Wind Farms across Scotland and the North of England.

The wind energy sector is a huge part of the future of renewable energy in the UK and is continuing to grow at a rapid rate.

Yet while there is exciting growth in the industry, the existing network of land and sea based wind turbines need to be maintained. Not to mention the new ones that are being commissioned each year. To ensure that these wind turbines are running reliably and efficiently, frequent visual maintenance and inspection is required.

Climate Change

There are many ways that drones are helping in the fight against climate change. In terms of our ability to manage the developing impacts of climate change on our daily lives, asset management and scheduled maintenance are two easy examples of how they can assist us. The already documented weather variations and storms caused by climate change has seen more infrastructure and utility sites being damaged. Drones provide a vital inspection tool to ensure that these essential assets are still in safe operational use and have not been severely damaged by storms. Communication systems are a vital cog in our daily lives. Ensuring that they are functioning is a highly essential requirement that drones can assist with.

Understanding the ongoing effects of climate change is vital and drones can assist us with tracking and monitoring environmental issues caused by climate change. We can monitor vegetation patterns so that we can better understand how climate change is affecting crop growth for farming. Vital for food security. Crop monitoring using drones can help to maintain plant health and our LiDAR systems can help to identify optimal seeding processes while collecting data on crop fertility that can be used to assess harvesting and fertilising on UK farms.


From offering visual reports on key capital investments sites so that those involved do not need to travel to the infrastructure inspection work that we do for road, rail and sea, drone inspections are offering real solutions to problems big and small in the infrastructure and transportation sector.

As infrastructure like road bridges can degrade over time, drones provide a safe and reliable inspection method that can monitor these vital assets and use archived data to offer important side by side comparisons for developing issues. This can save businesses considerably both in the repair costs but also the operational downtime required for repairs of things like railway bridges, motorway overheads and even coastal walls.

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With our aerial drones, underwater ROV and ground inspection teams, we can provide our award winning drone inspection services for commercial clients in a wide range of sectors across the UK. We are fully accredited by ARPAS-UK, and all of our aerial drone pilots have commercial PFAW pilots licence and are fully approved by the CAA.

We offer the expertise of four decades in difficult access works including roofing, rope access, industrial cleaning and drone inspection services. Our one stop shop approach to inspection, repair and cleaning has grown through our desire to constantly exceed our clients expectations and offer a service that is far superior to our competitors.