Burst pipes and blocked water drains can cause immediate and lasting flood damage for commercial properties in Glasgow.

If you run a commercial business then you know how disruptive and financially damaging an office or store shut down can be so you need to get the situation taken care of and the front doors open for new customers to safely come in and shop.

We are Balmore and we are a specialist cleaning and restoration firm for corporate, commercial and residential customers across Glasgow and Edinburgh.

With 30 years of trade across Scotland, we are a professional, qualified and certified clean up crew that can provide immediate emergency flood damage restoration services for your and your business.

Commercial Flooding Restoration Services:

Our clean up crew are all full time Balmore employees and as such they have to go through our rigorous training schemes before they are allowed to perform any flood restoration work. That means that you can feel secure in our abilities to get the job done both properly and quickly.

We know that every second counts which is why we offer our emergency call out services.

If you have experienced flood damage to your commercial property and need a fast acting and professional clean up crew on site to get the situation under control then call Balmore today.