From commercial premises to office buildings, retail shops to warehouses and everything in between.

The facade of your business premises is important as a first impression to potential customers as well as a way of ensuring the stonework or cladding of your building is in good condition.

As a difficult access cleaning specialist, we are one of the leading facade cleaning contractors in Scotland.

What is facade cleaning?

Facade cleaning is the name of cleaning an exterior building space of dirt, grime, pollution and other staining that can make a building looked faded and uninviting. Facades can be made from glass, stone or wood, steel or aluminium.

How do building facade become dirty?

The weather in Scotland is so varied ranging from summer heat waves to ice and snow in the winter. But through all of this, Scotland is wet. And this makes algae, moss and other plant life thrive in all sorts of conditions. Combined with high winds blowing dirt across vast spaces and the amount of traffic pollution that city centre spaces can encounter and it is easy to understand how a building can become so dirty so quickly, impacting the building’s overall appearance.

Facade Cleaning

How a facade is cleaned depends on both the material of the building and the access to the exterior space. At Balmore, we are always reinvesting in the cleaning technology we have available. Which means we have an arsenal of cleaning equipment at our disposal and ready to use on your building. It means that we can offer the best cleaning performance without damaging the buildings substrate. This cleaning technology ranges from DOFF Super Heated Steam Cleaning to TORC Blasting which is the preferred method of stonework cleaning for heritage organisations across Scotland and England.