Award winning drone survey services across Scotland and England for the Oil & Gas Industry.

Flare Stack Inspections and surveys for both onshore and offshore can now be conducted quickly, easily and safely using modern UAV drones.

We are an award winning drone inspection firm with a fleet of advanced commercial grade aerial drones capable of detailed drone surveys for the like of oil platforms, pipelines and flare stacks.


We can provide detailed flare stack inspection services across the country and can provide this drone survey service while the flare stack is live and online and without the need to shut down the stack.

With Balmore, we can conduct flare stack inspections as part of a comprehensive range of Oil & Gas services that includes oil platform thermal scans, underwater ROV drone inspection and pipeline inspections.

What are the advantages of drone surveys over conventional methods?

With aerial drone inspections, you can make significant cost savings by using our award winning services whilst improving the quality and detail of your inspection, conducting it in safety (as you do not have inspection team personnel working at height) and these inspections can be completed faster than conventional methods. On top of this, a significant benefit of using drone surveys for your flare stack inspection is that you do not need to shut down the flare stack. A considerable cost saving.

What areas of a Flare Stack can your drones cover?

Our survey and inspection services of flare stacks cover flare tips, pilot ignition system, radiation shield, supporting structure, pipework, gantries and handrails.

With our award winning digital cloud based software, we can provide a comprehensive report that can easily be accessed and inspected for defect analysis. These reports can then be archived for comparison with future inspections for an even more accurate survey and reliable monitoring of any potential issues.

Is there any compromises with using drone surveys over conventional methods?

While you may think that by using a drone for your flare stack inspection, you are somehow making a compromise, you could not be further from the truth.

Aerial drones are revolutionising the way that inspection and surveys are being conducted. A drone can provide an aerial inspection at heights and vantage points that are simply impossible any other way and can capture set points using advanced HD camera and thermal capturing technology. We can capture hundred of images that can be processed using tailored software for more accurate analysis that far exceeds human eyes.

And all of this can be performed without having to put human life at risk in an ‘at height’ environment.