Flour Silos need to be cleaned regularly to ensure they remain free flowing and suffer from no bridging or biohazard build up risk.

Flour silos can be difficult to clean as the clumping of flour if damp can create a paste like lump that can block silos and cause bridging.

At Balmore Contracting, we can provide flour silo cleaning using our rope access cleaning team. Rope Access is one of the preferred methods of flour silo cleaning as it allows us easy movement in the silo while cleaning. Especially in the open roof, near the roof of the silo and on the silo sides.

Silo Cleaning should only every be carried out by trained professionals. Silo cleaning is a medium to high risk level access cleaning job and can be dangerous if not completed correctly.


In silo and storage tanks that contain grain, powdered or granular based products, the first step is to vacuum the left over existing content within these structures. We can use large vacuum systems fed into the silo to remove any bulky left over product. Vacuuming is a great way to remove loose powder and granulates that have collected in the silo but will struggle to remove larger clumping and bridging components that have built up within the silo walls.

Specialist Cleaning Equipment

Trying to clean a silo or storage tank without the right tools can actually cause the structure more damage. Metal on metal contact can scrape the metal insides of the silo and even cause an electrostatic charge. Not ideal in a silo that poses a fire risk.

At Balmore, we invest heavily in the tools required to get the job done properly and safely. From DOFF Steam Cleaning Systems to TORC Blasting. We understand it is vital to have the proper tools for the job.

Rope Access

We have an in-house rope access team who are able to access a silo and safely remove residue build up. Using the same equipment that mountaineering teams use, we can access high risk confined spaces such as silos and safely remove and clean the insides of these vast storage tanks.

The benefits of Silo Cleaning?

The Benefits of using our silo cleaning services are:

At Balmore, we are able to clean all types of commercial silo and similar storage vessels that are used for flour, wheat, salt and similar.

As one of the UK’s leading difficult access cleaning specialists, we are able to access these confined spaces to scrape and clean away deposit build ups that can cause equipment damage and contamination. We use vacuum, brushes and scrapers to ensure the safe and thorough cleaning of interior surfaces in silos.


Store product insects (SPI) are a range of insects which are commonly found in silos and can infest dry stored foods. These include:

Cleaning Solutions

At Balmore, we have always invested heavily in our equipment and our team. We have in-house rope access teams, trained difficult access specialists for low, medium and high risk access cleaning and are equipped with some of the most advanced cleaning technology currently on the market including DOFF Steam Cleaning, TORC Blasting and Dry Ice Cleaning.

And our cleaning process goes beyond the interior of the silos. We can provide a complete ‘top to bottom/inside and out’ cleaning service to ensure that your silos are thoroughly deep cleaned. It is part of the full Balmore range of services.

We continue to offer the very best in cleaning services to both the private and public sectors across Scotland. With emphasis on improving standards, using cutting edge equipment, and the latest environmentally friendly products, we are proud of our health & safety record and well trained, reliable staff.

With our head office in Glasgow, we have a strong client base in the city and across Scotland and those customers feel confident & assured by our attention to detail and prompt & professional service. As one of the longest running and most experienced cleaning companies, we offer reliable and high-quality cleaning services at competitive prices to the exacting specification of our clients.