Reaching nearly 100ft tall and storing tonnes of food grain, the cleaning of grain silos is a required part of the yearly planned maintenance of food storage silos in the UK.

Grain Silos need to be cleaned to remove contamination risks, moisture and clumping that can occur if a silo is not cleaned properly or regularly.

While the scheduled cleaning of a grain silo may result in short periods of operational downtime, the procedure is required both for food safety standards as well as for operational performance. Grain silos that are not cleaned regularly will begin to form blockages which can cause large delays to existing operations. When large volumes of grain are stored in a silo for long periods of time, they can begin to clump. Many silos have ribbed interiors to try and prevent this clumping from forming on the sides of the silos but this is not a full proof solution to the problem. If you have noticed that less material is coming out of the silo than expected then now is the time to have it cleaned.

Grain Silo Cleaning

To clean a grain silo, we need to the silo to be emptied of as much of the original grain material as possible. We will then conduct an initial inspection of the silo to determine safe entry points and the safety of the silo itself.

The benefits of Silo Cleaning?

The Benefits of using our silo cleaning services are:

At Balmore, we are able to clean all types of commercial silo and similar storage vessels that are used for flour, wheat, salt and similar.

As one of the UK’s leading difficult access cleaning specialists, we are able to access these confined spaces to scrape and clean away deposit build ups that can cause equipment damage and contamination. We use vacuum, brushes and scrapers to ensure the safe and thorough cleaning of interior surfaces in silos.


Store product insects (SPI) are a range of insects which are commonly found in silos and can infest dry stored foods. These include:

Cleaning Solutions

At Balmore, we have always invested heavily in our equipment and our team. We have in-house rope access teams, trained difficult access specialists for low, medium and high risk access cleaning and are equipped with some of the most advanced cleaning technology currently on the market including DOFF Steam Cleaning, TORC Blasting and Dry Ice Cleaning.

And our cleaning process goes beyond the interior of the silos. We can provide a complete ‘top to bottom/inside and out’ cleaning service to ensure that your silos are thoroughly deep cleaned. It is part of the full Balmore range of services.