There is something poetic about using advanced modern cleaning technology for historical restoration.

At Balmore, we are one of Scotlands leading Dry Ice Blast Cleaning specialists and have been working on historic restoration cleaning for sandstone and other stonework for over 30 years.

Historic Restoration Cleaning is generally required when overlaying staining, bio matter and other contaminants have covered the surfaces of an object – in this case sandstone buildings. Chemicals can leach into the sponge like sandstone of homes across Glasgow and Edinburgh and the conventional cleaning methods that are so abrasive will only do the stonework more damage.

Step forwards dry ice blast cleaning.

Dry Ice Blast Cleaning uses frozen carbon dioxide pellets to remove scales and contaminants from surfaces. It is a non waste, non toxic cleaning method where the dry ice pellets are propelled at incredibly high speeds by compressed air. Upon impact, the thermal effect of the dry ice hitting any contaminants on stonework will loosen the contaminant and remove any adhesion that it may have. The expansion of the dry ice as it turns into a gas allows it to expand 800 times its original size which helps to lift the contaminant away from the stonework surface for a powerful yet residue free cleaning.

Does Dry Ice Blast Cleaning work on other historic materials?

Dry Ice Blast Cleaning can be used for marble, glass, onyx, stonework, brickwork, metals and more without any damage to these surfaces.

It has become the perfect choice for historic building cleaning and can be used for:

If you would like to know more about Dry Ice Blast Cleaning and how it can help with your historic cleaning needs, please contact Balmore at our head office in Glasgow.