Complete deep clean services including biohazard cleaning for commercial and domestic properties dealing with hoarders.

Our hoarders cleaning service is a comprehensive deep clean service that deal with all areas of hoarder problems in a property that are unsanitary, hazardous and unsafe. Our cleaning services can completely clean and decontaminate properties, making them safe and habitable once again.

Hoarding was classified as a mental disorder in 2013 and is an illness that progresses and worsens for so many who suffer from it.

At Balmore, we can provide a sympathetic cleaning service for properties that have been the site of hoarding and can assist with the removal of all furniture, rubbish and waste from the site. Our deep cleaning services can cover the inside of property as well as the exterior and any vehicles on the site. Our Biohazard team can recycle hazardous materials and carry out thorough cleaning to remove the property of any smoke or other odours. As a difficult access cleaning specialist, we can handle the entire cleaning process from top to bottom.

Our Hoarder Cleaning Services includes:

Our Cleaning Crew are full time Balmore personnel and as such, we can guarantee our quality of work each and every time.  Every one of our team are fully trained, qualified and certified in all manner of cleaning from ‘at risk’ biohazard cleaning to ‘Difficult Access Cleaning’ which can require ‘at height’ cleaning work to be carried out.

Through all of our cleaning services, we are dedicated to offering the very best in cleaning service and that means that we use the right chemicals on the right materials and do not finish a job until it is cleaned top to bottom.