Hoarding affects around 5% of the UK and has been classified as a mental disorder since 2013, causing health and social problems.

If left unchecked, hoarding can become a very real fire risk, home for pests to multiply and the ideal place for biohazards to develop. All of which are very serious health risks that can endanger the lives of residents and first responders due to any biohazard diseases or pest infestations.

When is it collecting and when is it hoarding?

Collectors are those who collect specific items as part of a collection and more often than not, have them displayed and/or protected to ensure they do not become damaged or decay. Hoarders and hoarding is when every available surface is stacked with a collection of all sorts. Newspapers, boxes, food packaging etc. When hoarding gets to this level, it can present a serious fire risk.

Why it is so important to have a hoarding cleaning service

Hoarding can have serious consequences on residents health, can cause a dramatic increase in rodents and other pests and the biohazards associated with pigeon fouling, bodily fluids and food wastage.

Beyond these very serious health risks, hoarding comes with other dangers including:

Hoarder Cleaning Services

At Balmore, we can provide a sympathetic cleaning service for properties that have been the site of hoarding and can assist with the removal of all furniture, rubbish and waste from the site. Our deep cleaning services can cover the inside of property as well as the exterior and any vehicles on the site. Our Biohazard team can recycle hazardous materials and carry out thorough cleaning to remove the property of any smoke or other odours. As a difficult access cleaning specialist, we can handle the entire cleaning process from top to bottom.

What are the risks of biohazards?

Biohazards should always be taken seriously.  From human bodily fluid and faecal matter to other similarly dangerous biohazards, they all have the unfortunate ability to carry dangerous viruses such as Hepatitus B, Hepatitus C and HIV.  In over 30 years, our cleaning contractors are one of Scotland’s leading biohazard cleaning firms.  Our reputation has been built on our rigorous attention to detail and our comprehensive service plan that covers difficult access and confined spaces cleaning. Something that many of our competitors simply cannot offer and have to sub contract out.

Our cleaning team are fully trained and certified in the complete range of techniques and cleaning solutions required for biohazard cleaning solutions and we ensure that our cleaning team receive regular updates to their training. This is part of our quality assurance to our customers as we can guarantee that we can provide you with the very best in cleaning service time and time again.  Whatever and wherever, we don’t cut corners – we clean them!

Our biohazard cleaning covers:

Why is biohazard cleaning so important?

Across Scotland, so many domestic homeowners and commercial businesses believe that they do not need to call in expert cleaning teams and using over the counter cleaning products will be sufficient for biohazard cleaning. However due to the dangerous viruses and diseases that can be transmitted from these contaminants, it is strongly recommend you use a professional cleaning contractor who are qualified in this type of cleaning. We know what chemicals to use on the right surfaces and more importantly, what chemicals will actually work to break down the contaminants. We work through a complete checklist of on-site locations to properly clean the entire area – this ensures that a biohazard contaminated location is 100% disinfected.

Too often we sadly hear stories of people who have tried to perform this type of biohazard deep clean themselves and through a lack of experience in this type of cleaning, have ‘missed a spot’. This has led to infections being contracted in unclean areas, causing a risk to human life.