With the latest in commercial underwater drone services, Balmore can provide a leading inspection and survey service for underwater projects covering Hydro Power Dams and Underwater/Flooded Tunnel Inspection.

Using our Falcon ROV underwater inspection drone, we can access underwater locations that are either too dangerous or inaccessible by conventional inspection crews.

Our underwater drone can carry up to 14Kgs of inspection equipment and is fitted with high powered, variable intensity LED lighting technology to allow for visible inspection in even the darkest of underwater environments.

Thanks to ROV technology, Hydro Power Dam tunnels can be inspected without dewatering which minimises lost energy production and can prevent the development of stresses that can be found on tunnel linings when they are dewatered.

Underwater ROV can be used for:

Our ROV underwater drones are piloted by a fully qualified and trained human operator. The drone can be connected by winch tether (with 300m cable length) which includes power, video signal and other telemetry cabling. This allows us to control the drone in real time and get instant uninterrupted video feed from deep within signal blocking structures such as underwater tunnels.

Our Falcon ROV is equipped with a High Resolution 180º tilt camera and Imagenex 881 Sonar system to offer a complete visual and sensor inspection service.

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If you would like to know more about our Hydro Power Dam and Tunnel Inspection Services using ROV Underwater Drones, please contact our Glasgow Head Office.