Expert Industrial Cleaning Services across Scotland

From floors to ceilings, underground and on exterior walls and roofing, we are dedicated to offering the best industrial cleaning service to our customers.

At Balmore, we are one of the leading specialist cleaning companies for the industrial sector. Reliable, dependable and comprehensive with our cleaning services, we cover everything from ventilation ducts to loft spaces, underground and more as part of our leading ‘difficult access’ specialties.

We have built up a high quality cleaning service across a huge range of industries with a full time in house team of specialist cleaners who are fully trained, qualified and experienced in cleaning ranging from commercial deep clean to biohazard cleaning services.

Clean premises are a vital part of a companies day to day requirements and the importance of clean working premises should never be underestimated.

As a Specialist Access Cleaning Company, our team can go beyond the visual cleaning. From ventilation ducts to stonework cleaning on difficult to access roofing, our team are fully qualified. Our Rope Access Team are perfect for the correct maintenance and cleaning of industrial building exteriors as well as abseil window cleaning.

Our range of industrial cleaning services covers:

At Balmore, we are able to undertake a full range of industrial cleaning services for customers across Scotland and the North of England. From our headquarters in Glasgow, we can provide a full access cleaning services for many sectors.

With a full time team of qualified cleaners and top of the line cleaning equipment, it is little wonder why Balmore have become one of the leading industrial cleaning companies in the country.

If you would like to arrange for a site visit so that we can provide you with a tailored quote to cover your unique cleaning needs, please call our Glasgow Head Office.