Industrial damage and spills can be incredibly dangerous and a hazard for employees.

These types of industrial spills need to be dealt with quickly and through a specialist cleaning team. At Balmore, our specialist industrial cleaning team can tackle any industrial spill clean up job. Our experience in biohazard cleaning and industrial deep cleaning has positioned us as one of the very best commercial cleaning contractors who can handle these types of specialist cleaning job.

Equipped with with most advanced cleaning equipment to deal with chemical spills and supported by a full time, in house team of fully qualified and trained cleaning specialists, we can respond quickly to any industrial site in the central belt of Scotland and provide rapid industrial cleaning services.

Our range of industrial cleaning services covers:

Thorough industrial site cleaning

We call our industrial site cleaning thorough for a very good reason. We do not leave any part of your facility untouched. It is part of our ‘difficult access’ services. In factories, hard-to-reach spaces are all to common and are all too often overlooked by cleaning companies. Our staff are equipped with High-Level Access equipment and are all trained to IPAF & IRATA to give you the best possible cleaning result. We will make sure that every bit of your industrial facility is immaculately clean to the standard that you expect when we leave.  Our team are fully experienced in site cleaning and understand that your facility cleaning requirements may require specific times and processes.  It is why we constantly keep our team up to date with the latest and best cleaning methods and procedures – so that we can exceed your expectations.

Biohazard Cleaning in Industrial Locations

What are the risks of biohazards?

Biohazards should always be taken seriously.  From human bodily fluid and faecal matter to other similarly dangerous biohazards, they all have the unfortunate ability to carry dangerous viruses such as Hepatitus B, Hepatitus C and HIV.  In over 30 years, our cleaning contractors are one of Scotland’s leading biohazard cleaning firms.  Our reputation has been built on our rigorous attention to detail and our comprehensive service plan that covers difficult access and confined spaces cleaning; something that many of our competitors simply cannot offer and have to sub contract out.

Our cleaning team are fully trained and certified in the complete range of techniques and cleaning solutions required for biohazard cleaning solutions and we ensure that our cleaning team receive regular updates to their training. This is part of our quality assurance to our customers as we can guarantee that we can provide you with the very best in cleaning service time and time again.  Whatever and wherever, we don’t cut corners – we clean them!

Our biohazard cleaning covers:

Whether you require one off emergency cleaning services to deal with a one off cleaning service related to an unattended death or pest control issue, or you are looking for a cleaning maintenance contract to deal with ongoing biohazard risks (such as a Police Cell Cleaning Service), we are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Why chose Balmore Industrial Cleaning Specialists?

Please call our head office in Glasgow to discuss your requirements and to find out more about our industrial cleaning contract work.