Confined Spaces Drone Inspection of Internal Piping

The visual inspection of an internal pipe is a vital part of so many industrial, infrastructure and utilities sector businesses.

If the pipe is big enough, traditional visual and NDT inspection has been conducted using human inspection teams in a high risk environment.

Confined Spaces Drones can now offer a superior, safer, faster and more cost effective solution to internal pipe inspection.

Why is visual pipe inspection important

Internal pipe inspection provides an inexpensive method of pipe assessment. It can be used to detect features and defects, monitor corrosion and erosion, rust, scale and pitting.

The visual inspection of a pipe’s condition is the first step in monitoring and assessing a supply pipe’s condition.

Drones can provide a scheduled inspection to observe cracks, corrosion and other developing defects within a pipe while potential blockages can be detected in order to offer the best solution in how to fix the issue.

Visual inspections of pipelines provides a quick, easy and cost saving alternative to traditional inspections. Indoor drones can be deployed quickly to reduce operational downtime, are safer as they reduce the need to put human life at risk and thanks to thermal imaging and high powered LED lighting, can provide a more thorough inspection than traditional methods.

Why Balmore

As one of the leading drone inspection firms in Scotland, we work closely with businesses in Infrastructure, Utilities, Energy and Chemical Manufacturing Sectors. We are an award winning NDT service provider with a fleet of drones that allows us to offer aerial drone inspection, underwater inspection and ground based inspection work.