Using indoor/internal drone inspection for internal wind turbine blade inspection can cut the inspection time in half and drastically increase the number of turbine blades which can be inspected.

Our confined spaces drone inspection work is commonly used for difficult access locations and few fit the bill more than the internal inspection of a wind turbine. Using our Elios 2 indoor drone equipped with protective cage, we can safely inspect the inside of a wind turbine and the blades for a more accurate and detailed visual inspection.

Using our Elios 2 drone, we can collect visual data on far more of the internal workings of a wind turbine blade than a conventional human based inspection would. By using a drone rather than an inspection crew, this ultimately increases safety as no longer do you require an inspector to crawl into a blade to collect visual data. By using a drone, we can conduct our visual inspection far more quickly and the speed results in less operational downtime for the wind turbine and more uptime generating electricity and increasing your wind farms revenue potential.

Replacing Traditional Inspection Methods

A traditional inspection of a wind turbine blade required an inspector to physically enter the wind turbine blade. Whilst inside, the inspector would collect visual data on the condition of the blade. With two or more chambers to each blade and three blades in total, this form of visual inspection is both potentially dangerous as it is a high risk access point and is also very slow. A drone survey of the internal space within a wind turbine blade can be completed far more quickly and in a lot more detail. With HD photography, 4K video and thermal imaging all fitted to our indoor confined spaces Elios 2 drone.

What can a drone inspection cover?

With all wind turbine blade inspection work, each chamber of a blade must be inspected for:

A drone inspection can cover all of this and to a far higher degree than a traditional inspection as human inspectors are only legally allowed to reach a certain depth of the blade during their inspection work.

About our Elios 2 Drone

To provide our indoor confined spaces drone services, we use a specialised Elios Inspection & Exploration Aerial Indoor Drone that has been specifically designed for indoor and confined spaces.

This is the first collision tolerant aerial drone and is a proud member of our drone fleet for use across Scotland.  Designed for inspections and exploration of the most inaccessible and confined spaces including air ducts, sewers and other locations that are either too dangerous to access for workers or simply too small.

With a protective frame surrounding the indoor drone, we have a collision tolerant drone that can bump into objects without the risk of the drone crashing.  The Elios drone can bounce and roll on its way.

The Elios Aerial Indoor Drone comes complete with a full HD Camera, a thermal camera and on-board LED lighting system with adjustable intensity so that when we have reached the inaccessible locations with our aerial drone, we can take high definition video, photos and survey shots regardless of the lighting conditions.

This truly is ground breaking technology and part of our never ending commitment to push the envelope when it comes to new technology.  Offering our customers the very best in drone services and solutions.

You can view a video of our amazing Elios Inspection Aerial Drone in action below.

Features of our indoor drone

The spherical cage protects our Elios 2 advanced drone from impacts and the drone design allows for super fast course corrections to navigate through even the toughest obstacle course of pipes, rubble and more.  The entire drone is mounted on a retractable structure that helps to protect the camera recording equipment from any potential frontal shocks.

With an incredibly small packaging design at just under 40cm (15.7in), the Elios 2 aerial drone can easily fit into standard manholes, medium to large sized piping and similar spaces where inspections are required.

This advances aerial drone design and packaging is controlled through a powerful remote control system that does not require line of sight radio waves.  This means that we can operate the confined spaces indoor drone through walls and other obstacles. The wireless transmission system is state of the art to allow our confined spaces inspections to go further than ever before.

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Award Winning Aerial Drone Survey Services for the wind energy sector. We provide aerial and underwater drone survey and inspection services for Wind Farms, Wind Turbines and Offshore Wind Farms across Scotland and the North of England.

The wind energy sector is a huge part of the future of renewable energy in the UK and is continuing to grow at a rapid rate.

Yet while there is exciting growth in the industry, the existing network of land and sea based wind turbines need to be maintained. Not to mention the new ones that are being commissioned each year. To ensure that these wind turbines are running reliably and efficiently, frequent visual maintenance and inspection is required. With the use of commercial grade aerial drone surveys and underwater ROV, wind turbine inspection can now be done in a fraction of the time compared to conventional methods and with significant cost savings. You can read more about the benefits of using drone inspection services as an alternative to current methods here.

A Leading Drone Inspection Firm covering the UK

With a fleet of advanced aerial drones that feature some of the most advanced 4K high definition video camera technology, we are able to provide a comprehensive inspection and survey service for businesses in the wind energy sector.  From our head office in Glasgow, we cover all of Scotland and the North of England. Our advanced aerial drones can inspect multiple turbines in one flight plan and can cover an entire wind farm plot in one day (something that can take numerous days with current inspection methods.)

If you would like to know more about our drone services and the benefits of switching to drone surveys as your method of regular visual inspection of wind turbines, please contact us today. We can arrange a visual demonstration of how our drones work and the direct benefits of using the very latest in inspection technology.