Established cleaning contractor offering one off and scheduled cleaning contract work for business in the Hospitality and Leisure Sector.

Offering a 24 hour on call service for premises that require cleaning work to be done during early morning or late at night, our deep clean services give our customer peace of mind when it comes to thorough cleaning of their business premises. We can provide both before event cleaning and after event cleaning to ensure that hospitality venues are always well presented for an event and returned to the same standards after an event.

We offer our cleaning services to:

Regardless of the size of your venue, we guarantee a quality service from top to bottom. At Balmore, we have always reinvested in our team and our equipment to offer our customers the very best in deep clean services.

And since the Coronavirus pandemic, there has never been a greater need to have a reliable cleaning contractor to call upon to ensure the safety of your employees and customers.

We provide a full range of cleaning services from rope access window cleaning to DOFF Steam Cleaning, waste disposal and graffiti removal. We understand that in the leisure and hospitality business, creating the right environment for your customers is a huge part of the job. That positive experience is vital to attract positive reviews and future business. Which is why we work alongside our clients to ensure that we deliver time and time again.

Our cleaning team are all full time Balmore staff and are fully trained and qualified in difficult access cleaning to ensure that no corner is cut.

If you have a premises that needs cleaned on a regular basis and are requiring an experienced, professional cleaning contractor then look no further than Balmore Contracting. From our head office in Glasgow, we provide a full range of cleaning services to customers across Scotland and also work in the Construction Industry, Oil & Gas, Public Sector, Food Industry and Healthcare Sector (to name but a few).

We use the right cleaning chemicals on the right materials, and where possible we use environmentally friendly cleaning solutions and do not finish a cleaning job until it is truly cleaned top to bottom.

If you would like to know more about our cleaning services across Scotland and the North of England, please contact our head office today.