Low Risk Confined Spaces Cleaning services by Balmore comprises confined spaces that fall into the following categories:

Confined Spaces Cleaning is a specialised service that we at Balmore proudly offer as part of our difficult access specialty cleaning services. Our team of highly skilled entry/access cleaning technicians are fully trained and qualified in the necessary confined spaces certification as well as rope access skills in order to successfully complete low risk confined spaces cleaning.

The range of end requirements for Confined Spaces Access and Cleaning can include the following examples:

As a company celebrating our third decade in business, we have built our reputation on offering a class leading service across Scotland and the North of England. We constantly reinvest in our team, our training and our cleaning equipment to ensure that we can offer our customers the very best in service. This level of preparation, equipment and experience provides our clients with a powerful cost effective solution to their access cleaning needs.

We also offer a medium and high risk cleaning service.