When it comes to confined spaces cleaning, there are three levels of risk; low, medium and high.

Medium risk confined spaces cleaning access can range from tanks and chambers to pits, pipes, sewers, flues, wells and similar locations which are, due to their nature enclosed and therefore pose a reasonable risk to human life.

At Balmore, we have been providing one of the UK’s leading difficult access cleaning services for over thirty years. And in that time, we have constantly reinvested in our team, our training and our equipment to ensure that the service we provide truly is a step above our competition.

Our team of cleaning technicians are fully certified to work in all confined spaces and are rope access specialists to ensure that we can complete any and all cleaning jobs in the medium risk category.

We have indoor confined spaces drones which can be used for survey and inspection of confined spaces before anyone has to be put at risk to access a location. It means that we can assess and evaluate a location quickly and safely before conducting our cleaning services.

Confined Spaces Drone Inspection can help us to identify cleaning locations and how our Medium Risk Cleaning Team can safely work in the difficult access location.

What can our Medium Risk Cleaning Team work on

The range of end requirements for Confined Spaces Access and Cleaning can include: