There is a growing demand for biohazard cleaning services for large facilities where there have been reported cases of contamination.

At Balmore, we have been providing a leading biohazard cleaning service and deep clean service for large facilities across the Central Belt of Scotland for over thirty years. From our headquarters in Glasgow, we provide a guaranteed 8 hour emergency call out (please call our Glasgow office on 0141 944 6100 to discuss retainer policy’s).

Coronavirus has become a significant threat to the day to day lives of the entire population of Scotland. And as a leading biohazard cleaning service provider, our services have been firmly in demand. To meet the expectations of our customers and the need to thoroughly deep clean large facilities, factories, warehouses and similar commercial premises, we have successfully completed trials on a new service – drone operated disinfectant fogging.

What is Drone Fogging?

Our dedicated biohazard cleaning team can disinfect large facilities using satellite foggers, ensuring that clients sites are completely decontaminated before leaving site.

We use unmarked vans to offer this service as we understand our clients needs to maintain confidentiality.

With more and more cases of Coronavirus being reported in Glasgow, Edinburgh and indeed throughout the Towns, Villages, Industrial Estates and other Commercial Premises across the Central Belt of Scotland, having a reliable deep clean specialist to call upon is of the utmost importance.

At Balmore, we have built our business through quality work and reinvestment in our cleaning team and their equipment. As one of the leading difficult access specialists in Scotland, we have always been able to access and clean locations that other cleaning firms simply can’t while our investment in technology has allowed us to grow our fleet of drones and cleaning equipment where we now have permanent DOFF Steam Cleaning, TORC Blasting and Dry Ice Blasting equipment for the various tailored cleaning specialist requirements of our customers.