We provide our high quality cleaning services offshore for facilities such as oil rigs, ships and barges.

And with over 30 years in the cleaning business we have managed to build a strong customer base for who we carry out our services repeatedly for several times a year.

Modern equipment and techniques for Offshore Cleaning

In order to provide you with flawless offshore cleaning results we are constantly updating and investing in our cleaning equipment and ensuring that our cleaning team are fully trained to use it to achieve the best results. The cleaning training is also to secure that the vacuum cleaners, high-pressure and high-access equipment are all used in a safe manner to prevent injuries.

We offer a full checklist of what cleaning we have done so that you are fully updated on what offshore cleaning services we have carried out.  Our team can work at times that suit your business needs and can fit in with shift/rota sequences for the minimum disruption to normal offshore ship/rig operations.

Eco-friendly approach

Offshore facilities tend to get stubborn dirt and grime meaning that chemicals are a necessity to get the facility clean and fresh. Whilst a lot of cleaning companies resort to harmful chemicals, we at Balmore on the other hand believe that is it essential to use biodegradable chemicals and other eco-friendly cleaning products. We do not want our practices to cause harm to animals, people or the environment.

Cleaning every inch of the facility

In larger and more complex facilities such as oil rigs, hard to reach spaces are inevitable. Due to the difficulty accessing these spaces they are usually neglected in the cleaning process. Our staff are all equipped with high-access equipment and appropriate training to seamlessly execute a thorough and immaculate clean.