From Oil Platforms to Marine Research Stations and Offshore Wind Farms

They may be located far from dry land but they still require regular and vital inspection and surveys to ensure that they are safe to operate and will not suffer from any downtime that could hamper productivity.

The inspection of these offshore structures was once a time consuming and costly process that involved shutting down operations and bringing in a team of specialists and safety equipment.

However with the advancement of commercial drone vehicles, we can provide a faster and superior offshore drone service for inspection. Aerial and underwater inspection that offers REAL cost savings over conventional methods.

We are Balmore and we are an award winning inspection service provider using aerial and underwater drones to conduct our survey services. Coupled with our powerful cloud based software, we can provide a class leading inspection and survey service for our customers in the Oil & Gas, Wind, Infrastructure and Utilities sectors.

Aerial Drone Inspection

We operate a fleet of commercial grade drones that allows us to cover a large number of inspection services for our customers. From drones that can fly under oil platforms without loosing signal to confined spaces drones that can operate down narrow and dangerous piping, we have grown our fleet to match the needs of our customers and we are always reinvesting in our equipment and our team so that we can offer the very best in service and results for you.

Underwater Drone Inspection

Part of this investment has allowed us to expand from offering just aerial inspection services to now offering a full land, air and sea service thanks to our ROV underwater drone.

This allows us to conduct underwater inspections for oil platforms, offshore wind turbine powerlines and so much more.

At Balmore, we cover everything from inspections to repairs and cleaning. From our roofing division that uses aerial drones to conduct roof surveys to our Biohazard Cleaning team who can send in confined spaces drones to check an area before we send in the human cleaning crew. It all starts with the initial inspection and this is an area that we have been growing and developing since Balmore Inspection Services first began.

The offshore inspection market is one that we have many years of experience in and thanks to our investments, we operate our own Inspection Craft so that we can offer a more dynamic and fast response service for our customers.

If you would like to know more about Balmore and our Offshore Inspection Services, please contact our Glasgow head office.